Chamber ensemble

Yakob Katsnelson (piano, chamber ensemble)

Born 1976 in Moscow, Jacob Katsnelson displayed exceptional musical talent at a very early age, entering the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music at five...   Далее

Anton Prischepa (clarinet, chamber ensemble, composition)

Anton graduated from the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music in 2006 having two specialities – clarinet (with Nikolay Volkov) and composition (with Kirill Volkov)...   Далее

Alexandr Nyankin (trombone, brass band)

He gratuated from the Moscow Conservatoire in 1997 and did a postgraduate course in 1998. He is a deputy concertmaster in the Russian National...   Далее

Milda Agazarian (harp)

Honoured Arts Worker of Russia the Professor of Harp at the Russian Music Academy and the Moscow Special Gnessin School Milda Agazarian is a...   Далее

Alexey Lundin (violin, chamber ensemble)

Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation. The prize-winner of a number of international competitions. In 1990 he entered the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire studying...   Далее

Oleg Svistunov (violin, chamber ensemble)

Boris Lifanovsky (cello, chamber ensemble)

Was born in Moscow in 1976. He graduated from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire having studied with K.Rodin (cello), T.Gaydamovich, A.Bonduryansky (chamber ensemble). 1996-2005...   Далее

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