International Creative Workshop of Percussion Instruments PERCARUS DUO

Attention! Acceptance of applications for master classes has been completed.
Percarus Duo is a unique author’s educational project by Mikhail Putkov and Vladimir Terekhov, artists from The State Academic Symphony Orchestra “Evgeny Svetlanov”, teachers of The Russian Gnessin Academy of Music, of The Moscow Gnessin Special School, winners of many international competitions, Marimba One, Agner Swiss Drumsticks and Agean Cymbals endorsers, members of jury of The International competition of percussionist Drum Time-2018.

During the existence of the project, more than 70 percussionists of different ages took part in the project. The youngest of the participants was only 5 years old, and their creative way actually began with participation of PercaRusDuo Creative Workshop.
The participants of the past Creative Workshops performed on the best stages of Moscow, such as Svetlanov Hall of Moscow International Performing Arts Center (conductor – Vladimir Spivakov) and Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (festival “Other Space”, artistic director – Vladimir Urovsky), with the program prepared during Gnessin Summer School. Many of the participants became laureates of international competitions, entered prestigious educational colleges and Academies, such as The Russian Gnessin Academy of Music, The Moscow Gnessin Special School, The Central Musical School at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Concervatory, became artists of Moscow orchestras and theatres.


of The International PercaRus Duo Creative Workshop  has no analogues in Russia.

This is a real laboratory of rhythm, sound, playing technique, interaction in ensembles, communication with the teachers and students of different ages.

Age limit: 5+.

Advanced teaching methods (including foreign ones) are applying by PercaRusDuo Workshop teachers. For each performer an individual and carefully thought-out program of classes and performances is compiled.

Master classes

A number of PercaRusDuo master classes are held on following topics:




Snare Drum

Orchestral parts for percussion and keyboard percussion instruments

Visiting master classes for all project participants is free.

Musical instruments

The Creative Workshop toolkit includes 3 five-octave marimbas (Marimba One and Adams), 3 vibraphones (One Vibe, Musser and Adams), 3 xylophones, orchestral bells, bells, timpani Adams, a full set of tom-tom, percussions and orchestral «trifles», that allows you to perform solo and as ensemble works of any level of difficulty and for any sets of percussion instruments.

!!! The Creative Workshop participants can purchase  Agner, Slapklatz, Cympad, Marimba One and One Vibe products at our artistic prices (discounts up to 40%)!

Options of participation in The PercaRus Duo Creative Workshop

The cost is 10 000 rubles.
As part of the course:

  • five rehearsals (60 minutes) in ensemble;
  • performance at Summer School concert as a part of ensemble;
  • attendance of Percarus Duo master classes as a listeners;
  • free attendance of the Percarus Duo  show «The Rhythm Territory»

A participant can choose the desired number and duration of classes.

Number of classes – 4 or 6 classes (2 or 3 classes with each one Percarus Duo teacher)
Duration of classes can be 30 minutes (2000 rubles), 45 minutes (3000 rubles), 60 minutes (4000 rubles).
The Individual course also includes:

  • solo performances at Summer School concerts in Organ Hall and at Open-Air Stage of Gnessin School
  • active participation in Percarus Duo master classes
  • free attendance of the Percarus Duo  show «The Rhythm Territory»

The cost is 21 000 rubles («Individual course» + «Ensemble course» with  5000 rubles discount)
As part of the course:

  • four 60 minutes master classes (two master classes with each Percarus Duo teacher);
  • five ensemble rehearsals (60 minutes each one)
  • solo and ensemble performances at Summer School concerts in Organ Hall and at Open-Air Stage of Gnessin School
  • active participation in Percarus Duo master classes
  • free attendance of the Percarus Duo  show «The Rhythm Territory»

Participants in previous Percarus Duo projects receive 15% discount on all individual classes!

To obtain a certificate for a discount, you need to write an email to

In the application you must specify the contact details, the type of course you wish to take part in, as well as the number and duration of classes for an


PERCARUS DUO ensemble. Mikhail Putkov and Vladimir Terekhov (percussion)

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