Free Ornaments and Improvisation in XVIII Century Music

The course is taught by Benedek Csalog (Hungary), a specialist in the study of Baroque music, traverse flute performer. 1992-2007 – Professor of the Baroque Flute Class at the Leipzig School of Music and Theater. As a visiting professor, he taught at the Doppler Institute in Budapest.

«Free ornaments and improvisation in XVIII century music»a course of group on improvisation and ornamentation in baroque music. Performers of any musical instruments can take part in the course.

The age of participants is from 12 years old.

Number of participants no more than 25 people.

The course consist of 4 group classes (60 minutes classes, in English with an interpreter)

Cost – 4 000 rubles.

The course will help you master the rules of ornamentation and improvisation in musical works of the Baroque era (Sonatas by G.F. Handel, A. Vivaldi, Fantasies by G.F. Telemann, etc.).

Everyone can improvise!

In this course, you:

– Learn the rules of improvisation with an ostinato bass;

– Get to know the rules of “decorating” the slow parts of a baroque sonata and concerto;

– Learn to compose short solo preludes that you can play at the beginning of a sonata or suite;

– Get to know the many original ornaments, cadenzas and improvisations written by Baroque composers.


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